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Sqope Your Subject with Boots-on-the-Ground

Human Intelligence (HUMINT)

Our mission is to ensure our client's needs are fully met and questions clearly answered. At Sqope Intelligence, we understand that this sometimes requires putting boots-on-the-ground to more deeply investigate individuals or legal entities when WEBINT and local partners are insufficient. With vetted ground sources who conduct source inquiries (interviews) and site visits in a fully legal manner, trust us to provide full support for your more complex cases, ESG-related concerns, and opaque jurisidctions that require that extra-stop of on-the-ground investigations.

SOURCE INQUIRIES (interviews):

Understand your target by hearing from those closest to them: Source Inquiries are a critical element of HUMINT and allow us to ask the most pertinent questions to carefully selected individuals determined to be the closest to and most familiar with the target. Through these interviews, you gain a better sense of a target’s reputation, their connection to a particular transaction, or their involvement in a scandal. By using non-official sources and going beyond OSINT, we offer the clearest picture yet. Fully compliant with the GDPR’s regulations of fairness and transparency, our source inquiries are conducted through close cooperation between our experienced analysts and our carefully vetted network of on-the-ground investigators. This ensures that we are asking the right questions in the right way — just about anywhere in the world.


Confirm your target’s activities with indisputable evidence: Does the target’s company really exist at the specified address? Is there actually activity at that subject’s factory? Site visits answer these questions with in-person inspections, photographic evidence, and activity reports. Like our source inquiries, site visits are conducted by our vetted global network of on-the-ground investigators in a discreet, non-intrusive, and fully legal manner in order to verify the information you were given as accurate and credible.

The Sqope advantage:

  • Fixed pricing and agreed-upon deadlines
  • Customization from our list of add-ons and HUMINT options
  • Comprehensive research and analysis process that goes beyond a “tick-the-box” approach
  • Thorough QA review
  • Vetted, transparent, and globally-based sources ranked by credibility
  • Factual and un-biased information bolstered by a strict “ethical wall” between our sales and intelligence divisions
  • Strict GDPR compliance with extensive IT security and other protocols to ensure full confidentiality each step of the way

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