Our Values, Mission & CSR Efforts

At Sqope Intelligence, we take pride in helping our clients comply with AML, CFT, and anti-corruption regulations and assisting them with know-your-customer and ESG requirements. We believe that being fully compliant and protecting our customers’ reputations is essential and easily achievable with the right assistance from experts.

Because this is the core of our business, we make sure that we also abide by these rules by conducting business in an ethical manner and following strong environmental, social, and governance policies. As part of such CSR efforts, we promote sustainability, encourage work-life balance for all team members, and pursue equality and inclusion across the company.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts

Promoting Environmental Sustainability

Reducing paper use: At the start of 2020, we set an internal goal of reducing paper use by at least 50% and we’ve gone far beyond this, with our research and operations teams achieving nearly zero paper use and our sales team always providing electronic copies first. We accomplished this by embracing electronic solutions that were already made necessary by our partially remote workforce and acceptable to our clients and suppliers alike, as well as a team that was fully on board with meeting this goal.

Stopping one-time use plastics: For our office spaces, we made sure that our kitchens were equipped with sufficient reusable silverware and dishes, with employees advised that one-time use plastics would no longer be provided. The addition of a sophisticated coffee machine also helped: It may seem small, but it notably curtailed the use of coffee capsules and the purchase of take-away coffee.

Reducing emissions: Although we are not an emissions-heavy company, we believe that even small improvements add up. If every smaller company made the changes we did, the impact would be huge. Indeed, by continuing to hire remotely, allowing remote work even for those located near our offices, and embracing video calls when possible (a situation made more widespread by the global pandemic), we were was able to successfully decrease the amount of local and international travel and corresponding emissions.

Encouraging Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is a core principle at Sqope  Intelligence. Our team is very important to us and we strongly believe that it’s crucial to implement flexible scheduling that allows a life outside of work for everyone and not only parents and students.

Even before the pandemic necessitated widespread remote work, we were hiring globally and, where we have offices, implementing a flexible work-from-home and work-from-office schedule. Thus, those who prefer to travel to the office less often can work from home for part of the week and those who enjoy the office can come every day if they choose. This popular decision was made easier by existing IT and security infrastructure already established for remote work, allowing us to move to such a model without sacrificing confidentiality or security.

Such a set-up benefits the company and employees alike. This includes through less time-consuming commutes, easier daycare and school drop-offs and pick-ups, reduced sick leave, and the less-discussed but very useful ability to be home to receive deliveries, attend nearby doctor appointments, and arrange for repairs that only occur during business hours. It also means that we can hire a wide range of professionals, from the more typical full-time employees to those with part-time schedules, whether because they are simultaneously pursuing a degree or simply prefer a part-time model.

Pursuing Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

With women in high-level managerial positions, including those who are also parents and understand barriers promotions and equal pay, we place an emphasis on equality. When it comes to hiring and promoting, we don’t discriminate on any basis, including on race, nationality, age, ability, religion, level of observance, sexual orientation, family status, and gender/gender expression.

In particular, the issue of gender equality, women in leadership, and flexibility for parents is near and dear to us. Unfortunately, even in 2023 and as the global pandemic highlighted, the burden on parents is still high, with studies demonstrating that women are more likely to make sacrifices in their career due to parental responsibilities. We do our best to ensure that this is a non-issue: that gender pay equality is real and that no parent has to choose between a career and family.

How do we do this? Promotions and raises are based exclusively on merit and capability and not any other factor, such as who asked first or who takes less sick vacation days. Moreover, our remote office culture, including more flexible scheduling and the ability to make up hours at different times or on different days if so desired, means that we also don’t discriminate when it comes to geographical location or those who prefer part-time work. Not only does this improve our diversity and skill-sets, but allows our employees to balance their career and personal life.