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Corporations, Commodity Traders, and Trade Finance

The solution for companies to assess their supply chain, business partners, investors, prospective hires, and new markets.

Go beyond basic due diligence: At Sqope Intelligence, we support all the due diligence needs — from reputation to sanctions — of commodity traders, trade finance banks, and corporates in any sector whether they need to investigate third party suppliers, potential hires, investors, prospective local business partners, or even new markets in which they are considering entering. We provide peace of mind and allow for informed decision-making through our comprehensive due diligence investigations that are presented in a clear, factual, unbiased, and context-driven manner regardless of jurisdiction.

Case Study 1

A large multi-national was investigating the use of an eastern Africa-based company as a potential supplier. This latter had well-presented ESG policies, but our client wanted to assess its real ESG reputation and check whether, in practice, it was adhering to its ESG policies.

Our research was supported by on-ground interviews with local journalists and a former prosecutor, and revealed that a top executive of the potential supplier had been convicted in a corruption scandal.

Case Study 2

A multi-national corporation was interested in investing in Saudi Arabia and identifying a local partner. As a result, they ordered a customized and in-depth country/market report with an in-person presentation to the board after submission that included addressing questions sent in advance by attendees.

Overseen and researched by Middle East and North Africa (MENA) experts, chapter topics ranged from the country’s history and politics to the ease and challenges of doing business, ESG concerns, and tips for approaching due diligence on business partners, particularly persons and companies with political exposure. The report concluded with a forecast vis-à-vis the country’s economy, politics, and socio-economic challenges and progress.


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