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Family Offices and Institutional Investors

The solution for family offices and institutional investors to assess the reputation of potential investments and partners.

Go beyond open sources for a 360 view on clients and investments: Join other major family offices and institutions across Europe who have positioned us as their leading provider for all due diligence needs. We provide across the board support, whether related to the initial deep dive into potential clients or partners, a 360 view on an investment, or to ensure that prospective hires are who they say they are and won’t bring with them any reputational concerns.

With our global network of experienced analysts and on-ground sources, we’re able to conduct investigations in even some of the most opaque jurisdictions, answering any questions that may arise, addressing all concerns, and providing the tools with which to make all decisions.

Case Study

A UK-based multi-family office (MFO) had concerns about a Swiss asset manager previously associated with a partner who was fined for poor adherence to regulatory practices in Barbados and was also linked to allegations of fraud. The MFO wanted a full picture of the asset manager’s history, particularly the nature of the links between him and his ex-partner.

During the course of our research, we found that the Subject was neither party to any of the legal proceedings with the former partner nor connected to the accusations of fraud, as the two were not working together during the years at issue. Thanks to HUMINT interviews conducted by our ground sources, we further confirmed that the asset manager had a positive reputation in the various markets in which he operated.


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