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Private Banking, Wealth Management, and Trust Companies

The solution for private banks, trust companies and wealth managers to assess the reputation of their clients, prospects, and partners.

Go beyond the tick-the-box approach to due diligence: Sqope Intelligence provides comprehensive reports that enable private banks, trust companies, and wealth managers to fulfill their duty in assessing potential risks related to corporate and individual customers or prospects. We also help our clients to find the owners or heirs of dormant accounts. Our regional specialists, supported by a global network of investigators, provide a deep dive into the subject of inquiry to offer actionable intelligence.

Case Study 1

A UK-based wealth manager mandated us to investigate the alleged unethical practices of a deceased Swiss national from whom a potential client had inherited a large portion of their wealth. Deceased for over three decades, the Subject was low profile, including due to his death prior to the Internet’s rise in popularity, and had a source of wealth that was seemingly from legitimate but opaque means. Moreover, there were unconfirmed allegations of enrichment through unethical practices during World War II.

Our investigations revealed that the Subject used his business connections to position himself as a middle-man between authorities of Nazi Germany and European Jews, charging the latter exploitative fees to flee to Latin America. Evidence also suggested that he profited from selling art stolen by the Nazi regime from Jewish victims and was blacklisted in the US for such actions. He was further discovered to have assisted in setting up networks in the Caribbean to help with the embezzlement of funds from European businesses.

Case Study 2

A Zurich-based private bank mandated us to conduct investigations into a Chinese national shareholder of an Africa-based company. The compliance officer was looking for a comprehensive picture of this individual and to find further information regarding rumors that the company had been involved in a corruption scandal more than a decade earlier but for which no information was available via online sources.

HUMINT interviews were conducted by our ground sources with former employees of the company, journalists, and former police officers. Each of the interviewees were ranked according to credibility. These interviews confirmed that the scandal had, indeed, occurred but that the shareholder couldn’t have be involved as he had invested in the company after this occurred.


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