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Private Equity and Mergers & Acquisitions

The solution for PE funds, corporations, and M&A professionals to assess the reputation of target companies, their shareholders, and investors

Go beyond the usual commercial, financial and legal due diligence: Sqope Intelligence supports the acquisition decision-making process with a suite of background check services that offer a comprehensive 360-degree assessment – including ESG criteria – of the reputation and risk factors related to the target, its shareholders, and key directors. This in-depth analysis covers all relevant jurisdictions with expert analysts and on-the-ground investigators.

Case Study

A Luxembourg PE fund mandated Sqope Intelligence to assess the reputation of a target company after finding contradictory information on the company’s UBO, a Qatari national.

Our final report presented a clear and thorough picture of the UBO, including revelations that the Subject was involved in several high-profile corruption cases spanning multiple jurisdictions. Additional research found allegations of involvement in the financing of designated terror groups.


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