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Public sector

The solution for the public sector to assess citizenship and residency applicants, tender finalists, and prospective hires.

Go beyond basic due diligence: Amid increasing public scrutiny on governmental behavior, Sqope Intelligence supports the public sector to understand the potential risks posed by those applying for citizenship and residency programs, government tenders, and official positions.

Understanding that limited due diligence checks do not provide a sufficient picture of the potential risks, our solutions present a 360-view of the individuals or companies involved, ensuring that informed decisions are made with the best interests of the public in mind.

Case Study 1

A Mediterranean government reached out to us to conduct enhanced due diligence into dozens of individuals applying for their citizenship and tax residency programs.

With exposure ranging from Eastern Europe and Russia to Latin America, Asia, and a variety of low tax jurisdictions, we provided a comprehensive overview of potential risks for each individual. These included extensive familial or former connections to the Chinese Communist Party, potential secondary sanctions exposure via Venezuela-based companies, and at least one Russian national whose activity suggested he may act as a potential front man for a sanctioned person.

Case Study 2

A local municipality reached out to us to support the final stages of a public tender for the management of a luxury hotel. The municipality wanted to conduct enhanced due diligence into the owners of the two tender finalists, with a focus on their reputation. Our investigations presented a 360-degree view of each individual and did not reveal significant red flags for either finalist.


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