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In the ever-evolving landscape of global business and increasing supply chain regulatory pressures — where risks and opportunities coexist — Sqope Intelligence stands out as a vanguard, providing enhanced due diligence and comprehensive investigative services since 2010. Our mission is to equip clients with the intelligence necessary to navigate complex regulatory environments and make informed decisions with confidence on their clients, partners, investments and employees.

Nadia A. Ziani

Director - UK & Channel Islands

At Sqope, we understand that the foundation of sound decision-making depends on the integrity and depth of information. The compliance industries’ needs lie on providing an exhaustive 360-degree view of the target of investigation, presenting comprehensible narratives and analysis of all potential risk and reputational red flags from accusations of poor governance to sanctions exposure and everything in between.

A Multifaceted Approach to Intelligence

Our expertise in enhanced due diligence, including ESG reputational analysis, enables clients to align their investments with their environmental, social, and governance values and obligations, ensuring sustainability and long-term success. In the realm of supply chain due diligence, for example, we offer comprehensive assessments that highlight both risks and opportunities from environmental impact to labour practices, safeguarding your operations against unforeseen vulnerabilities.

Mergers and acquisitions represent pivotal moments for growth and expansion.

Sqope Intelligence offer the clarity and foresight needed to navigate these complex transactions that require more than the traditional “tick-the-box” approach. Indeed, identifying potential risks and reputational red flags to ensure seamless integration that can help adjust valuation and minimizes disruption.

Recognizing the importance of compliance and risk management, we support our clients’ portfolio remediation processes by proactively identifying any potential concerns and helping to ensure alignment with global standards and regulations. Such a proactive stance on compliance not only mitigates risk but also enhances overall value and reputation which are paramount in M&A context.

Global Expertise, Local Insight

Multinational companies require a cross border compliance approach. What sets Sqope Intelligence apart is our global team of analysts, bringing regional expertise in over 100 countries, fluency in more than 25 languages, and an unparalleled understanding of local market nuances and insights. Supported by our unique and evolving methodology based on more than a decade of experience supported by our proprietary database of ranked and vetted sources and a worldwide network of ground sources, we ensure that our reports are not only comprehensive but also fully transparent and curated with actionable intelligence.

Your Trusted Partner in Intelligence

Sqope Intelligence is more than a service provider; we are a partner in your success. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our innovative approach and unwavering dedication to providing bespoke solutions with deep and comprehensible analysis makes us an invaluable ally in the complex environments of third-party risk management and due diligence.

In an era marked by rapid change and increasing regulatory demands, Sqope Intelligence remains your steadfast partner, dedicated to empowering your decision-makings with precision and insight.


This was produced at the request of the Corporate Counsel and Compliance Exchange. To see the full article online, please click here.

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