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AML/CFT Regulated Industries

The solution for all companies interested in meeting their AML/CFT regulations, understanding potential sanctions exposure, and protecting their reputation.

Go beyond limited KYC checks: Sqope Intelligence now supports sectors that previously perceived basic know-your-customer checks as sufficient but that today face stricter regulations and real threats of fines, and therefore understand the importance to act  to protect their reputation.

From auctioneers, art galleries, jewelers, and diamond dealers to insurance companies, law firms, and real estate companies, our suite of bespoke services offers a solution to each, and every due diligence need regardless of the jurisdiction.

Case Study

An auction house had concluded the sale of a high-priced piece of art to citizen of a Latin American country who was making the purchase through a British Virgin Islands (BVI) based company. The client mandated us to investigate the buyer’s reputation and source of wealth, as well as to provide any additional information on the BVI company.

Our investigation revealed potential secondary sanctions exposure via other companies affiliated to the Subject, including those that maintained business ties with entities sanctioned  by the US and the EU for business dealings with Russia.


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