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Investment Funds

The solution for fund administrators and fund managers to assess the reputation of investors.

Go beyond basic KYC: At Sqope Intelligence, we serve administrators and investment managers with our unique approach and comprehensive suite of services, including KYC reports that provide a 360-degree view of an individual’s source of wealth and potential risks.

Join other leading fund managers and administrators who trust us to help protect their global reputation.

Case Study

A UK fund manager ordered a due diligence report on an investor, a wealthy Emirati national involved in the manufacturing industries. The manager was interested in, among others, the source of wealth, legitimacy of his businesses, and political exposure.

Through our investigation, which was supported by our network of ground sources, we discovered that the Subject’s family wealth was in excess of 1 billion USD and found detailed information on the early years of the family businesses. We also identified close political ties but our research did not detect hints that any source of funds were connected to such ties.


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