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Cooperating internationally to protect against money laundering – Sqope S.A. launches partnership with Germany-based Kerberos Compliance

Luxembourg, October 2021

Sqope S.A. is pleased to formally announce its cooperation with the Germany-based digital due diligence provider Kerberos Compliance. The aim of the partnership is to increase awareness of money laundering and money laundering prevention, while offering a one-stop-shop for compliance needs.

The challenges surrounding money laundering and compliance are international. With the aim of offering compliance solutions across markets to help companies more easily reduce their risk of exposure, Sqope and Kerberos Compliance will collaborate to broaden the scope of their offerings and drive expansion into more markets and different sectors. The focus is to extend intelligence capabilities and solutions, particularly in the areas of reputation protection and enhanced due diligence of customers, employees, partners, investors, and investments.

Founded in 2017, Kerberos Compliance is one of the leading providers of digital solutions in the field of money laundering prevention, with more than 1,500 companies from a wide range of industries already relying on their compliance services.

“With Kerberos Compliance, we’ve gained an innovative partner that allows us to notably expand our due diligence offerings in new markets. We strongly believe that our clients worldwide will be able to benefit from this partnership,” says Ilana Krancenblum, Sqope S.A. CEO who helped spearhead this partnership.

As part of what will become a regular series, Kerberos and Sqope will hold their first joint webinar on October 26th to highlight the challenges of enhanced due diligence research and to showcase innovative approaches and actionable solutions. You can register here.

About Kerberos Compliance

Kerberos was founded in December 2017 as a compliance service provider. Today, the start-up is one of the leading providers of digital solutions in the field of money laundering prevention. More than 1,500 companies from a wide range of industries already rely on the compliance services of the 60-strong team of specialists from the fields of law, IT, operations management, data analysis, and compliance.

About Sqope

Sqope was founded in 2010 and is a leading provider of enhanced due diligence reports and ESG reputational assessments that empower professionals to evaluate risk, make decisions, comply with AML and CFT regulations, and protect their reputation. Our clients benefit from premium intelligence based on transparent sources produced by our team of experts. Sqope’s analysts are based around the globe and have regional expertise and years of experience from various backgrounds, including military intelligence, academia, investigative journalism, and the private sector. Sqope delivers results quickly and ensures full confidentiality of our clients’ identities and sensitive information.


Click here for a copy of the press release.